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Although this recording is provided free for your enjoyment, all copyright remains with me, thanks.

Also, youtube video clips available :

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bonus: yeeking's mobile phone footage
bangface site footage and pics


Technical details and other info:

Equipment used:

Apple MacBook 2 GHz, Mac Os X 10.4.8
Cylob Music System Environment (custom music sequencing and synthesis program running in Supercollider)
Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer
Gemini executioner ten DJ mixer
Edirol FA-101 Firewire soundcard
Emagic A26 USB soundcard
Macally iShock 2 USB joypad
recorded to: Tascam DA-20 mk. 2 DAT recorder



Post processing:

There are no overdubs or edits to add or remove sections. Parts have been edited to even out volume changes, and although some limiting has been applied, there is very little tonal difference to the original recording, which was taken direct from the Mackie.



The Music:

All tracks are previously unheard and currently unreleased (apart from the occasional MySpace outing.) They are adapted from 3 recording projects: a completed 12 track album of mostly computer-vocal songs, a long mix going from 115 - 150 bpm, and a collection of digital bell / gamelan inspired music.



Software and nature of performance:

2 copies of Supercollider / CMS Environment were run at the same time, one feeding the Mackie mixer and one feeding the Gemini. Seperate channels were mixed on the Mackie while different loops were selected using the joypad. Inbetween these tracks, secondary loops were played through the Gemini mixer and crossfaded/punched in as required. All stopping and starting of tracks was achieved manually!
Most of the sounds are synthesised, although many of the drum sounds are samples, and there are a few "bass waves" sampled from analogue synths.




This was the first time that I had played live in this way. Generally speaking, I was pleased with how the set turned out. Alas, the last track was cut short due to time constraints. There are one or two moments that sound like "falling down the stairs", due to making the software redraw windows or sending many SynthDefs at once, and one acid line unfortunately went AWOL. A few of the inbetween loops go on a bit too long, as I waited for the next song to load.
In future, I intend to expand the inbetween loops into more interesting tracks, and to use MIDI controllers to create a bit more tonal variation in the synthesis. Greater influence over the musical material would also be welcome; although it is difficult to envisage a totally improvised performance of this nature, there is certainly room for a bit more spontaneity.



Once again?

I can be booked to play live or DJ sets via direct email link:


(below) pictures by and (c) Emma Jane Richards


(below) pictures from Bangface site

The setlist:

Performer's eye view: